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Corso di Laurea triennale (DM 270) in ECONOMIA AZIENDALE
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Primo Semestre
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This course wants to analyze the main fundamentals of operations management and then examines topics in supply chain management and logistics.
In particular, the students will analyse the process and operating variables that affect operation & logistic management.
This focus also comprises: a. a descriptive analyses of different models for product and services design and management; b. a focus on the strategic link of operation & supply chain activities with other company’s functions.

Knowledge and understanding
Students have to recognize and understand the strategic role of operation activities and supply chain. At the end of the course, student should know the main trend related with these activities, the differences between services and manufacturing companies in terms of design, management and control.
Applying knowledge and understanding
Students will develop the capability to apply their knowledge to different situations in a flexibile way. (SMEs, Corporations, Manufacturing or service companies).

Making judgments
Students should analyse multifaceted problems and opportunities in the area of operation and supply chain. At the end of the course, students will be able to evaluate operations strategy in real cases and the consequences of these models.

Communication skills
Students need to be able to answer in a precise and reasoned way to the questions posed during the written and the oral exam.
They should employ a technical and proper terminology and demonstrate the ability to synthesize the content in both written and oral examination.Lifelong learning skills
Student should demonstrate the ability to manage independently what they learned, identifying the interdisciplinary connection among different topics. They would improve the capability of gathering information from textbooks, scientific papers and other material for the formulation and autonomous solution of decision-making problems.


Formally none; knowledge of basic management theoretical models


The topic explored are:
- operations strategy and management of change
- design and selection of production processes
- design of supply chain
- planning and control of supply chain.

Metodi didattici

The course will be organized in frontal lessons. To encourage learning, students are invited to view the material on the e-learning platform.
Theoretical arguments will be supported by the presentation of case studies and by corporate testimonials. Frontal lessons will be supported by slides but also by video footage.
The analytical approaches are illustrated based on planning problems in practice and their understanding is deepened with case studies, simulations, etc. Moreover, specific management problems in applying these approaches are examined.

Verifica dell'apprendimento

All students will undertake a test examination, articulated in a written test consisting of open questions on the topics of the program, and an oral exam.
The written assignment consists of 8 among theoretical questions and case study analysis.
The vote in 30/30 will be the result of the two tests.

In itinere evaluation is also provided with simulation without any formal evaluation


- Chase Richard B., Jacobs Robert F., Operations and supply chain Management, 15th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2017.
- Additional readings and materials provided by publishing house
- Selection of cases made available to the students at the beginning of the course.

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