Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"


Description and learning objectives

Its focus is on micro, meso, and macro systems, including their physicochemical and biological aspects.
The programme aims to promote a holistic view of natural systems, highlighting the mechanisms that underpin the structure and functioning of ecosystems.
The 3-year programme is complemented by a large network of international partners, and strives to promote the global dimension of scientific research. English is the official language of the programme, which consists of both course work and applied research.
PhD students must spend a minimum of 3 months abroad working in a University or research centre, and are involved in research projects conducted under the supervision of a member of the PhD scientific board.
Research work and dissertation writing are complemented by the publication of peer-reviewed articles in international scientific journals.

Career opportunities

The scientific and professional skills gained in this programme allow PhD holders to work with research centres, national and international universities, as well as public and private companies involved in research and development of areas such as environment, quality and environmental management certification, sustainable resource management, green chemistry and bioconversion, and sustainable development.

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