Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope"

Description and learning objectives

The PhD Programme is broad and focused on different scales of investigation, from molecules to ecosystems, always fostering an interdisciplinary and system-based approach to science and problem solving.

The PhD Programme has a large network of international partners and strives for promoting an international dimension of scientific research. International mobility is compulsory and English is the official language of the Programme.

The PhD studies consist of both coursework and applied research. PhD students are involved in research projects conducted under the supervision of a member of the PhD board. Research work and thesis writing are complemented by the publication of peer-reviewed articles in international scientific journals.

In 2020, the UNESCO Chair in “Environment, Resources, and Sustainable Development” has been awarded to the PhD Programme. The UNESCO Chair is designed to be a center of excellence in the fields of environmental sciences, ecology and nature conservation, and sustainable development. More information is available on the dedicated website: www.unescochair.uniparthenope.it


Career opportunities

The International PhD Programme “Environment, Resources, and Sustainable Development” is designed to train the future intellectual leaders in the fields of environmental science, ecology and sustainable development.

The PhD Programme provides scientific and professional skills needed to work in research centres, universities, and international organizations as well as in public and private bodies operating in the fields of the Programme.


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