Welcome to the University of Naples "Parthenope"

A dynamic, characterized by high growth trend, able to implement, in modern times, the ancient and historic formative spirit of the "Regio Istituto Superiore Navale," from which the university had its origin: this is the context that welcome students who choose the University "Parthenope" for their training.

The University "Parthenope", is proposed as an element of continuity between the historical and cultural tradition of ancient Parthenope Naples and the modern, integrated in the international context and the crossroads of the Mediterranean, with the specific aim to incorporate the latest trends in scientific, technical and cultural and summarize in an innovative training project characterized by:

* Education varied and high quality profile;
We went from 1 to 5 faculty and approximately 1,000 to 19,000 members and for the next academic year the university will offer new courses in Biology the friend of the faculty of Computer Science.
* The extensive program of international cultural and scientific exchange;
have been enhanced research and teaching in collaboration with both European and Asian Universities.
* A qualified teachers and young;
able, therefore, to use innovative teaching methods and a language closer to the student audience.
* A numerical proportion structures / discienti extremely favorable;
the number of students per teacher is likely to encourage direct interaction with faculty and simple and with all the facilities and / or services of the University.
* A strong decentralization of university facilities in the territory;
to improve logistics students living in disadvantaged locations.
* Improved services to university students, especially online:
MAV or payment by the university fees;
or new information services, and training Orieta get through the new website of the University;
or new e-mail address of the University;
or upgrading of the E-learning, with the new course content.

The philosophy behind the exponential growth of the University was to "put the student and his needs at the center of development planning of the University." In this spirit, we are focusing their efforts reorganization of work processes and logistics services, undertaken by the University in order to improve the usability of its facilities by the students.

For the academic year 2009/2010 have been undertaken as follows:

* Activities at the technological center of the Management Center's new undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences;
* Building the legal and economic Pole at the new seat of Mount of God in which circumscribe the teaching facilities and departmental faculties of Economics and Law;
* Focusing all activities relating to the Faculty of Kinesiology at the headquarters of Acton Street.
* To pursue the project of construction of a residence hall at the former. Tobacco Factory.

Five good reasons to form the "Parthenope"!

Each of our five faculties offering training has varied with the following points of novelty:

Faculty of Economics: the mission for the next AA is to settle and consolidate the important changes introduced last year when, among the first faculties in Italy, has been adequate training offer to the details contained in the reform of the university.
The changes relate primarily to the number and content of degree courses, especially those of graduate programs, which have been renewed, while respecting a tradition of offering training that has characterized the faculty over time.
It 'was then also renewed the training organization, with the reduction in the number of examinations for a maximum 20-year degrees and 12 for the specialist, for a total of 180 credits, however, and 120 CFU, what with the ultimate goal of simplifying the process of study and above all, the rationalization and strengthening of knowledge. It 'also changed the organization of education and with the anticipation of periods of suspension of classes in which you can now devote himself exclusively to the preparation of exams.

Structural changes of the educational have not changed however, and indeed reinforced, the importance of choosing to enroll in a Faculty of Economics in perspective educational, cultural and employment. Our Faculty is shown ready to satisfy all these objectives, a structured educational offering to help acquire the necessary tools for understanding, managing and resolving a series of problems of its corporate sector, economics, statistics. Knowledges proposed are numerous and are based on a variety of interesting references by giving priority on the one hand, the acquisition of knowledge of basic mechanisms of functioning of both the general economy of both enterprises and, second, analysis tools such mechanisms provided by mathematics and statistics, from computer science and languages. These studies, however, can not be carried out from the social, political, environmental and legal, and so these approaches occurs in the proposed training. It requires training that is anything but single theme, for which the Faculty of Economics and is characterized by diversity and, at the same time, the fascinating richness of the curricula.

improve the quality of its graduates by increasing international collaborations with French and Polish universities and activation of securities of joint degrees with American universities;

Faculty of Law: the establishment of the new pole Legal and economic enhancement in terms of quality of a high professional and legal responsibilities in the management field of business economics and public administration, such an educational initiative is made only from 'University "Bocconi" of Milan and is unique in the south;

Faculty of Engineering: Extending telecommunications also at the opportunity to achieve a degree jointly with the polotecnico American. This experiment has carried out great and satisfactory results already for the undergraduate degree in civil engineering;

Faculty of Science and Technology: to confirm the good results achieved by the opening of the technology center with the establishment of new undergraduate degree in biological sciences;

Faculty of Kinesiology: the allocation of spaces of Acton entirely by the faculty will certainly a good solution in terms of logistics and quialità training.

CHOOSE ...... the University "Parthenope" ...
..... Oriented growth your growth!